WaterSensor+ with Humidity and Temperature


WaterSensor+ is a wireless sensor that detects the presence of water. The sensor also measures temperature and humidity and can warn if there is a risk of frost.

If water is detected, the sensor sends signals to the Linkbox+, which shuts off the water supply automatically. A light and sound alarm is triggered both on the sensor and on the Linkbox+. In addition, users are notified in the Abralife app. The wireless water sensor is small and can be placed freely where the risk of leakage is greatest or where temperature and humidity are to be measured. The included battery has a lifespan of >5 years.

Watersensor+ can also be placed in a mounting bracket or a dock for hidden cable routing. The brackets make it possible to connect to an external power supply, as well as Sensor tape for extra coverage area.

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    Lekkasjevarlsing, fukt og temperatur

    Sammen men Linkbox+ blir alle dine smarte vann-, fukt og temperatursensorer koblet opp, slik at alle rom med installertsensor kan overvåkes, forhindre fukt og frostskader. Dette er svært egnet på rom som sjelden har tilsyn eller der du mistenker fare for fukt.

    Sensorene har opptil 10 år batterilevetid.

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